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The name Caffe Sanora is derived from Sano, the Italian word for healthy.

Caffe Sanora is rich in powerful antioxidants known to fight free radicals and the damage they cause. A superb tasting gourmet coffee AND an active promoter of a long, healthy life, Caffe Sanora's roasting process protects the natural antioxidants found in pre-roasted green coffee beans. Indulge your taste and benefit your body everyday - with a great cup (or two or more) of good health.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Caffe Sanora supports not-for-profit cancer prevention research.

Organic Breakfast Blend [caf-000014.jpg]

Organic Breakfast Blend

Caffe Sanora Organic Breakfast Blend is the perfect waker-upper for the start of a busy day. Our Breakfast Blend has the clean, fresh flavor that comes from lightly roasted Arabica beans.

Organic Dark Roast [caf-000137.jpg]

Organic Dark Roast

For those who like their brew bold and bracing, Caffe Sanora Dark Roast is packed with deep, complex flavors. Its richness is a great match with dessert.

Organic Espresso Roast [caf-000175.jpg]

Organic Espresso Roast

Caffe Sanora Espresso Roast is roasted just a little darker for an authentic continental character. An outstanding crema makes for an exceptional espresso (though it's also wonderful simply brewed up in a pot).

Organic Signature Roast [caf-000052.jpg]

Organic Signature Roast

Caffe Sanora Organic Signature Roast is the smoothest of all our roasts. It is full-bodied and highly aromatic, a great all day coffee.