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How can coffee be healthy?

Un-roasted coffee beans (raw green coffee beans) are packed with antioxidants (specifically-polyphenols). Unfortunately the heat of roasting destroys most of the antioxidants. Caffe Sanora employs a patented roasting process that retains the antioxidants during and after roasting.

How do you make Caffe Sanora healthy?

Caffe Sanora carefully controls the roasting process to protect the antioxidants from the fluctuations of heat normally present in roasting. This allows us to ensure a completely natural process, free of any additives of chemicals.

How does it taste, especially if it’s good for you?

Caffe Sanora’s taste scored higher than most premium coffees according to professional coffee tasters and thousands of consumers. Most people say Caffe Sanora is very rich and smooth. The antioxidants found in Caffe Sanora are naturally part of coffee’s taste profile; therefore it tastes like other premium gourmet coffee.

Do I have to do anything special to make Caffe Sanora?

No, Caffe Sanora is 100% premium gourmet coffee, it just has more antioxidants. You can enjoy Caffe Sanora using the same coffee machine you have used for years (see below for more specific instructions).

Is it organic?

Yes, Caffe Sanora is Certified 100% Organic by an independent USDA certified lab.

How does Caffe Sanora support cancer research?

Caffe Sanora gives a portion of their proceeds to the AMC Cancer Research Center in Denver Colorado. AMC is dedicated to research related to the prevention of cancer.

Where does Caffe Sanora come from?

Caffe Sanora is grown and roasted in Honduras, Central America.

What is Arabica?

Arabica coffee beans are the source of all premium coffee. Coffee found in a can is usually made from a lower quality bean called “Robusta”.

Is Caffe Sanora Fair Trade?

We harvest, process, roast, and package our beans right on the same coffee farm. This allows us to bring you the freshest cup of coffee. Our coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified. The Rainforest Alliance’s standards exceed those of Fair Trade’s as they relate to worker safety, wages, working conditions, etc.

Are there any additives used to make it nutritious?

No, Caffe Sanora contains only antioxidants naturally found in coffee, there’s just more of them. There is nothing added…no preservatives, etc.

How is your coffee decaffeinated?

All Caffe Sanora Organic Decaf coffee is 100% organic, utilizing a mountain water process to remove the caffeine.

Is there caffeine in the Caffe Sanora?

Yes, the caffeine levels follow typical levels found in regular premium coffee.

Do you only sell whole bean coffee?

No, Caffe Sanora is available in both whole bean and ground.

Is Caffe Sanora Kosher?


Why are antioxidants good for you?

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals in our bodies that can cause cellular damage. They also protect our blood from LDL oxidation and help us maintain a healthy heart.

Does Caffe Sanora have the same stuff in it that green tea does?

Caffe Sanora’s beneficial compounds are a class of antioxidants called polyphenols, similar in structure, but a bit more soluble (and better absorbed by the body), than the polyphenols found in teas.

What is the amount of antioxidants in Caffe Sanora?

Caffe Sanora will typically have 50 – 100% more antioxidants than other comparable Arabica coffees depending on roast type or degree. Caffe Sanora ends up having more antioxidants per cup than green tea.