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It's believed that the vast majority of cancer cases in the United States are related to environmental, lifestyle and behavioral factors. These include smoking, dietary habits, exercise patterns and sun exposure. The scientists at the AMC Cancer Research Center are committed not only to understanding how and why cancer occurs, but also to developing effective strategies to help people lower their risk factors and reduce their chances of ever getting cancer.

AMC scientists believe that up to 60% of all cancers that occur in the United States could be prevented if people would make certain lifestyle changes. A healthy lifestyle, which includes not smoking or inhaling second hand smoke, eating the right foods and beverages such as 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, exercising, and getting screenings for early detection makes a huge difference in the fight against cancer.

Caffe Sanora is a proud supporter of the work of AMC, donating a portion of our proceeds to cancer prevention research.